Hanson Bath & Portland Stone is the oldest and largest supplier of Bath Stone. The company and its forebears have supplied Bath Stone and Portland Stone for some of the greatest architectural achievements in the world from the Georgian splendour of Bath to St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

1977 - First buildings built using Bath Stone

Isaac Sumsion supplied Bath Stone to the new Town Hall and Market at Bath.

1887 - Bath Stone Firms Ltd. established

Seven Bath Stone quarry firms including the Isaac Sumsion business amalgamate to form the Bath Stone Firms Ltd.

1900 - Acquisition of Portland Stone

The Bath Stone Firms Ltd. gain control of all the major Portland quarries, in 1911 it changed its name to The Bath & Portland Stone Firms Ltd.

1934 - 1940 - Purchase and requisition of quarries

The government looked for underground space and bought four major quarries in 1936, most of the remainder were requisitioned in 1940, digging of stone stopped.

1945 - 1950 - Government releases quarries

The government released some quarries and digging of stone started again.

1985 - Bath & Portland Stone acquired by Hanson

Bath & Portland Stone became a subsidiary company of ARC Ltd., in 1989 ARC was acquired by Hanson plc, which is now owned by HeidelbergCement.

1998 - Bath & Portland Stone acquires Drings of Bath

Hanson Bath & Portland Stone acquired Drings of Bath, a high output stone masonry business at Keynsham.

1999 - Hartham Park back in production

Hartham Park Underground Quarry was brought back into production by Hanson Bath & Portland Stone to supply Ground Stone from the Bath Oolite beds. It has been a resounding success with more than 50,000m3 of stone sold for a wide variety of projects, including the prestigious Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace and Juxon House at Paternoster Square in London.

2004 - Portland business sold

Hanson UK decided to focus on the Bath Stone market and sold the Portland business.

2010 - Box Ground stone is extracted for the first time

In May the first Box Ground Stone was dug from beds 8m below the Hartham Park Ground Stone beds.

2011 - Mass production of Box Ground

Hanson Bath & Portland Stone start to supply Box Ground Bath Stone, the most durable of Bath Stones.


Hanson Bath & Portland Stone is one of the oldest suppliers of natural limestone and masonry products in the UK. The company provides a range of block stone and finished masonry and has been involved in the construction of some of the most prestigious buildings in Great Britain and overseas.

Bath & Portland Stone heritage.

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