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Hartham Park Underground Quarry

Hartham Park Underground Quarry is today the largest producer of Bath Stone in the market. Customer feedback indicates Hartham Park is the Bath Stone of choice because of its aesthetics and soundness.

Since 2011, Hartham Park Underground Quarry supplies Box, the hardest Bath Stone in the market, ideal for the most exposed parts of a building.

Bath Stones from Hartham Park are classified as Ground Stone as they can be used as a weathering stone and in most locations of a building.

Hartham Park is located at Corsham, right outside Bath. The Hartham Park Underground Quarry covers eight square miles and has significant Bath Stone reserves.


Westwood Quarry is situated six miles South East of Bath. Westwood is a large Bath Stone quarry owned by Hanson Bath & Portland Stone. The mine was used during WW2 as an underground Royal Enfield factory.

The mine was reopened in 1975 by Hanson Bath & Portland Stone to restart the extraction of Bath Stone.

Bath Stone from Westwood is medium to fine grained with no clay minerals present.

Monks Park

Extraction of Bath Stone at Monks Park started in 1886 by Sumsions and in 1887 was part of Bath Stone Firms Ltd. As most mines around Bath, Monks Park was used during WW2 by the War Department to store ammunition and explosives.

Bath Stone from Monks Park is medium to fine grained with no clay minerals present.


Guiting Quarry is located nine miles east of Cheltenham in the very heart of the Cotswolds. This historical quarry has been worked for over 150 years.

Guiting Stone is available in light or dark shades. With the passage of time the limestone weathers to mellow tints of yellow and grey. Unlike its artificial precast counterparts, no two blocks are exactly the same, which introduces warmth and individuality wherever it is used.

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