Hartham Park

Hartham Park Bath Stone is a fine grained, high quality, durable limestone, ideal for ashlar and detailed mouldings.

Hartham Park Bath Stone is extracted at Hartham Park Underground Quarry in Corsham.


Product Type: Oolitic limestone
Category: Jurassic
Quarry: Hartham Park Underground Quarry
Material: Bath Ground Stone at Hartham Park

Products Available

  • Raw block stone
  • Part sawn block stone
  • Slabbed stone
  • Finished masonry
  • Ashlar
  • Paving
  • Walling stone


Oolitic limestone originating from the Bath Oolite of the Great Oolite formation of the Jurassic age.


Principally formed from micritic ooids in a micritic matrix with small shells, the stone is medium grained with no clay minerals present.

Durability & Weathering

Hartham Park Bath Ground Stone is a true ground stone featuring good weathering properties with aesthetic pleasure. Containing a proportion of shell, it weathers well, especially when stonework is detailed to offer maximum protection to rainwater and rainwater run-off.

Based on current research, it seems likely that the stone will weather at a rate of between 3 and 4 millimetres per 100 years, but it could be greater in severe exposures or on the edges of stonework.

Projects Using Hartham Park

Hartham Park Underground Quarry has supplied its Bath Stone to numerous projects in the UK including:

  • Pump Room - Bath, 1897
  • Gloucester and Cheltenham Town Halls - Gloucester, 1903
  • Abergavenny County Asylum Extension - Gwent, 1904
  • Ladies College Extension - Cheltenham, 1905
  • Bristol City Museum - Bristol, 1905
  • All Saints Church - Fishponds - Bristol, 1905
  • Central Library - College Green - Bristol, 1906
  • Harley House, Marylebone Road - London, 1907
  • Wiltshire and District Bank - Tidworth - Wiltshire, 1908
  • Barclays Bank - Cheltenham - Gloucester, 1909
  • The Coliseum - Park Row - Bristol, 1910
  • Arundel Cathedral - Little Cloister - Gloucester, 1950
  • Oriel College - East Face, West Range - Oxford, 1957
  • Queen’s Galler - London, 2000
  • Juxon House - London, 2004
  • St Martin's Development - Bath, 2006

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Physical Characteristics

Colour: Buff
Texture: Medium grained

Block Size

MaximumTypical Range
Bed height1100mm200mm - 1100mm
Length3000mm800mm - 3000mm
Block size3.3m30.20m3 - 2.8m3

Test Data

Test Parameter PhysicalMean Result
Porosity (CEN)23.4%
Saturation coefficient (BRE 141)0.80
Water absorption (by weight)9.02%
Bulk specific gravity (Kg/m3)2066
Compressive strength (CEN) MPA dry24.6
Flexural strength (CEN) MPA dry3.7

Recommended Uses

Construction Method

Bridges at waterline-  
Retaining walls

Non load-bearing
Carving & moulding